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HK$67,885.38 (USD)

Daily Change

0.00 0.00%

Day's Range

HK$67,885.38 - 67,885.38

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24h Volume

0.00 BTC

Market Cap: $0
Total BTC: 0
Global Volume: $0

Latest Trades

Time Since Amount BTC Price
0.00168100 BTC HK$67,885.38 (USD)
0.00168100 BTC HK$68,206.41 (USD)
0.00850000 BTC HK$63,956.22 (USD)
0.45970000 BTC HK$66,762.16 (USD)
0.63480000 BTC HK$66,762.16 (USD)

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0.89430000 BTC HK$62,820.05
0.13580000 BTC HK$62,818.82
0.08540000 BTC HK$62,814.58
0.04340000 BTC HK$62,812.96
0.00720000 BTC HK$62,793.33
0.38910000 BTC HK$69,229.82
0.05740000 BTC HK$69,245.14
0.01340000 BTC HK$69,253.55
0.40960000 BTC HK$69,280.30
0.23130000 BTC HK$69,292.76

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